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Lotus Equity Partners Inc.

LOTUS EQUITY PARTNERS, INC., founded in 2007, is an innovative, privately held commercial real estate group that specializes in the acquisition, improvement, re-positioning, development and management of our investment properties. Rik Magon, Amit Tak and Sandeep Magon are the co-founders and principals of Lotus Equity Partners, bringing over three decades of experience in commercial and residential real estate development and management. We pride ourselves in aligning with the best engineers, architects and builders in the local markets to form incredibly dynamic teams that execute and realize our vision for each project. Lotus Equity has developed a focused methodology in re-developing commercial real estate properties. With a heavy emphasis on data analysis and financial modelling, we have developed a unique approach identifying commercial properties that have untapped capital upside due to tenant vacancies, cap rate compression opportunities, and/or potential for growth via further expansion of the property or development of the raw land. By staying true to these principles when identifying opportunities, Lotus Equity has successfully executed its projects and continues to deliver excellent value to its partners. Depending on the type and pro forma of each project, Lotus has a deep pool of capital partners with whom they work with to source equity. Our portfolio focuses on retail shopping centers, multifamily and mixed-use developments in class A & B locations.

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Our Team

Our Team


Sandy Magon, Partner | Phone: 917-667-2639

   Sandy Magon is a seasoned real estate development professional known for his unwavering passion and exceptional ability to create value in properties that others may overlook. His expertise spans various facets of the industry, from deal sourcing and project underwriting to development operations and property management. With a degree in Management Information Systems and over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sandy has a deep understanding of the interplay between technology, business and real estate.


   Sandy has a proven track record of successfully managing large software implementations, bringing a disciplined approach to project management that ensures that every project he takes on is delivered on time and within budget. This technical background has been a valuable asset in his role as a real estate developer, where he is responsible for business development, capital raising, investor relations, and market analysis.


   Sandy is known for his ability to analyze trends and predict where the real estate market is headed. He is always on the lookout for "diamond in the rough" opportunities, and his keen eye for undervalued assets has been a critical factor in his success. He is also highly skilled in capital raising, having secured funding for numerous projects throughout his career.


   Aside from his technical and business skills, Sandy is also well-versed in investor relations and has a reputation for building strong relationships with stakeholders. With his extensive and diversified experience, Sandy will without a doubt continue to drive growth and success in the real estate industry for years to come. With Sandy, you gain a visionary leader with an innate ability to identify opportunities, build relationships, and transform ideas into remarkable real estate achievements. Embrace the advantage of working with a seasoned professional who can unlock hidden potential and drive your projects to unparalleled success.


Rik Magon, Partner | Phone: 514-885-3865


Amit Tak, Partner | Phone: 514-502-4227

   Amit Tak is a highly skilled real estate developer with over 15 years of experience with a unique combination of technical expertise and financial acumen. His expertise extends beyond traditional development to encompass financial modelling, pro forma analysis, acquisitions, and investor relations. With a keen eye for value creation, Amit’s visionary approach sets him apart.


   Armed with degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering, Amit began his career in network engineering and quickly rose to the position of senior network and security architect for a large multinational. He then cofounded his own software development company where he successfully managed large software implementations and as well as many network design overhauls in the finance, food, pharma and construction sectors, to name a few. Amit’s background in engineering has given him a rigorous, data-driven approach to real estate development. He applies this approach to financial modelling, using his skills to create accurate and reliable projections for each project he undertakes. He’s known for his thorough due diligence process to ensure that every project he takes on is sound and has a clear path to success. 1500 Bellevue Sud, Greenfield Park, QC | 26 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York New York In addition to his technical skills, Amit is also proficient in legal, financing and capital raising. He has a keen understanding of the financial landscape and has a proven track record of securing capital for his projects. He is known for building strong relationships with investors and for his ability to communicate complex financial concepts in a clear and concise manner. Amit is recognized for his in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and his ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and design.


   With Amit at the helm, your real estate ventures will be guided by a passionate leader who combines an astute business mind with an innate talent for turning potential into reality. Whether it's identifying untapped opportunities or driving projects to fruition, Amit’s dedication and expertise make him an invaluable asset in the realm of real estate development.

   Rik Magon is a visionary with a passion for real estate development, driven by his ability to uncover hidden potential in properties that others may overlook. With his exceptional talent for creating value where others cannot see it, Rik has become a leading force in the industry.


   As an integral part of the Lotus trio, Rik takes the helm in identifying new deals and spearheading project underwriting. His expertise extends to overseeing development operations and property management activities, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish. With an extensive background collaborating with professionals in construction, architecture, planning, and urban design, Rik brings a holistic perspective to every project. This rich experience has shaped his strategic mindset, enabling him to navigate complexities and deliver outstanding results.


   Prior to joining Lotus, Rik co-founded a software consultancy that catered to the diverse needs of Fortune 500 companies. This venture allowed him to broaden his expertise and develop a versatile skill set that complements his real estate acumen. Rik's educational foundation includes a degree in computer and electrical engineering from McGill University, further enhancing his analytical prowess.


  Rik's true strength lies in his ability to foster relationships and bring projects together harmoniously. He thrives on the challenges presented by successful land assemblies, skillfully coordinating multiple consultant teams, navigating complex municipal approval processes, and overseeing construction and tenant fit-ups. His unwavering commitment to champion strategic initiatives and facilitate direct communication with tenants and clients has consistently resulted in the successful delivery of projects.

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